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    Proctor Hockey Covid Information

    Check here for the most updated information on covid procedures for Proctor Hockey and St. Luke's Sports & Event Center.


    We know that many of the things you are being asked to do are inconvenient, but we must adhere to the guidelines to minimize risk and ensure that our kids can continue to play hockey! 

    • Do not send your child to practice if: 
      • your child or anyone in your household has a positive covid test
      • your child is waiting for results of a covid test
      • your child or a household member has covid symptoms or is waiting for covid test results due to symptoms 
      • your child is quarantined due to a positive covid exposure 
      • If any of the above are true, please alert your level coordinator and email
    • Players should enter the arena fully dressed with the exception of skates/helmet/gloves. Goalies should arrive at least half dressed. Goalies may bring in an equipment bag, other players are allowed a small backpack or drawstring bag as needed. 
    • Per the state mandate, masks must be worn by everyone in the arena at all times - including on the ice. 
    • Goalies are allowed to enter the arena 15 mins before their event begins. All others - players, coaches, on and off ice officials - may come to the arena 10 minutes before their event. Spectators may enter after others unless assisting a small child. 
    • Please pay attention to and use the separate entrance and exit doors at the arena to help minimize contact with other players. 
    • Please remember to always drive cautiously in the parking lot and watch out for children! 

    To review all of PAHA's covid procedures, including the latest information about games/spectators,  please visit

    Congratulations to our raffle winners!!

    Each winner will be contacted by a fundraising coordinator.

    $2500: Kim Brzezinski

    $1000: Devon & Treasure Denzler

    $500: Peggy Vandercheurer

    $100: Reid Johnson

    $100: Dan Ritchie

    $100: Brent Hartwig

    $100: Patty Ullan

    $100: Krista Berger

    $100: Janet Dixon

    $100: Cara Towers

    MN Hockey Covid-19 News and Resources

    MN Hockey has released Return to Play guidelines in line with MN Department of Health guidelines. You can view them here, along with other Covid-19 resources.

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